South End Open Market October 18th

Twenty-four members of Boston Handmade, including THE HOLE THING, will be gathering once again for their biggest show ever at the South End Open Market on Sunday October 18th from 10:00AM-4:00PM.
If you haven't yet been to this fabulous weekly market, or even if you have, don't miss it. Artisans, farmers, and antiques in Boston's wonderful south end - what more could you ask for? How about free and easy parking while you are there? They have that too :-)


Lexington Open Studios

Artists & art-lovers, please join us for the first Lexington Open Studios. Sixty-five Lexington-affiliated artists & artisans who live, work, teach, or create art in Lexington will open their collective or home studios to the public on May 2nd and 3rd from 11AM-5PM. THE HOLE THING'S studio address is 4 Ward Street, Lexington.

For more information please visit Lexington Open Studios.


South End Open Market

Boston Handmade will be featured on Sunday, June 14th, from 10 am - 4 pm, at the South End Open Market. In addition to the regular market artisans, farmers, and antique vendors there will be 20 Boston Handmade members,including THE HOLE THING, exhibiting their art at the event. South End Open Market is located at 540 Harrison Avenue in Boston.


Wrap Yourself Around

White Scarf

Oh broad band of felted wool

so soft and warm and delightful to the eye

Wrap yourself around my shoulders

circle my neck

go over my head to keep out winter's chill

till the spring thaw comes again.


Groovy Girl

This groovy girl was fixin' for a HOLE THING sweater. After choosing one, she decided that she preferred it to be sleeveless.

Luckily, the beauty of felted wool is that you can cut it any way you desire and instantly be able to create what you have in mind. Felted wool holds it shape- it doesn't fray or unravel.

So out came the shears and we chopped those sleeves right off!


More hole things at

This Saturday October 24th is the Needham High School Craft Fair from 9:30-4:00. In it's 29th year, it is a very well established craft show that is the annual kick off for the holiday shopping season. The show is well attended by some of the best artisans in the Boston area and is so large that it fills two gymnasiums. THE HOLE THING will be there again this year with lots of felted wool goodness in booth #37 in Gym B.


Ladies Who Launch

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If you have started a business or just have an idea for one I highly recommend Ladies Who Launch for putting a little mojo into your plan. If their cutsie name is stopping you don't let it. LWL is a national group with chapters in 36 cities ( plus Canada & Africa) and is growing fast- as is my business after taking their 4 week "incubator workshop".

When I signed up for Ladies Who Launch THE HOLE THING had been on the market for 5 months and I "felt" I was well on my way with a good idea, but the reality was that I was alone with my creations, my celebrations and all my concerns. I won't give away the surprise of all that happens in the workshop but I will say that I quickly bonded with the other women and now we are a wonderful support to each other. Brenda Stanton & Paola Abello, the leaders of the Boston chapter, are terrific. They are both very knowledgeable, warm, smart and supportive.

After completing the workshop you become part of the greater Boston network that holds monthly meetings and on going get-togethers. You are also a member of the national LWL which is a great source for networking & many other opportunities. I can't say enough ! Ladies Who Launch is an excellent way to spread your entrepreneurial wings- even for those of you who aren't quite sure that you have them.


Peace Baby

This stack of kid's felted peace sign t-shirts is for a new store in Boston called OAK. The store, whose name is short for "one of a kind" is located at 31 Gloucester Street at the corner of Newbury Street. It is a hip & cozy boutique full of wonderful handmade creations. They have everything from clothes & accessories to lots of very cool gifts that you won't be able to resist. Adult and kid's peace sign shirts are also available at The Hole Thing.

Peace baby :-)


Girl In A Hat

...Girl in a hat with circles appliqued onto it. After making my Swiss cheese sweaters for several months I quickly realized that something creative needed to be done with all the circles that came out of the holes. I had hundreds of them. This might just have something to do with the fact that my 86 year old Mom grew up in the depression and likes to use up "every little bit" :-) Plus, they were all so beautiful together in that big basket... Now, the circles have become the hallmark, and the real beauty of, THE HOLE THING, recycling them in my felt & button necklaces, felted pins, and t-shirts as well.

Treading Lightly On The Earth

I can't be happier that we are waking up to the reality of all the harm we're doing to our planet. What do you think it is that has made us more aware? Is it the effects of global warming that we've all experienced to some degree or Al Gore's documentary " The Inconvenient Truth"? Maybe, but I think that more than anything it is suddenly very hip to be Green. Eco-friendly products are everywhere. We're building and decorating our homes with them, we're wearing them and as time goes on more of us are even driving them. They are the new luxury.
We began this decade with an awareness to "recycle, reuse and restore" and are now adapting to a new concept which is "Refuse". Do we really need one more plastic toy from Toys R Us or another pair of sneakers? People forget that it takes energy and creates pollution to manufacture all the things we think we need. The reality is that a lot of what we buy only gives us temporary happiness.
Having recently visited Costa Rica, I am impressed that this developing country has such an ecologically conscious attitude. Their commitment to save the rain forest is commendable. From hotel's suggestions not to change sheets and towels daily, to the use of bio-degradable soap, energy efficient light bulbs and environmental libraries- it was refreshing to experience up close how simple it is to make a difference. It is very clear there that it's not just our planet- that we share it with many, many species. Hopefully we can start doing a better job in all areas environmentally. Congratulations to Timberland, the clothing and shoe company based in Stratham,New Hampshire. They are the first US company to put a carbon index on their product labels. We will be seeing more monitoring of carbon imprinting by other companies soon I imagine.


Welcome to Summer

Caterpillar shirts are made with the leftover circles that come from THE HOLE THING sweaters. Pretty nifty ! Six other t-shirt designs are now available at


Felted Bracelets

The Hole Thing felted bracelets are now available on Etsy ( Betsy without the B ) which is a fabulous website selling artisan's wares from around the globe. My bracelets have been a hit with all ages- from teenagers at Lexington High School to my hip 85 year old Mom. They come in a wide variety of colors ( see some in the bowl above-click on photo for better detail) and can also be special ordered. I will have more of my line on Etsy soon.



A-Tisket A-Tasket

This present might be just right for your little lady Valentine. She can put her tooth inside and tuck it in under her pillow at night to await the tooth fairy or she could put any of her little treasures inside so they always have a safe home. Available at