Treading Lightly On The Earth

I can't be happier that we are waking up to the reality of all the harm we're doing to our planet. What do you think it is that has made us more aware? Is it the effects of global warming that we've all experienced to some degree or Al Gore's documentary " The Inconvenient Truth"? Maybe, but I think that more than anything it is suddenly very hip to be Green. Eco-friendly products are everywhere. We're building and decorating our homes with them, we're wearing them and as time goes on more of us are even driving them. They are the new luxury.
We began this decade with an awareness to "recycle, reuse and restore" and are now adapting to a new concept which is "Refuse". Do we really need one more plastic toy from Toys R Us or another pair of sneakers? People forget that it takes energy and creates pollution to manufacture all the things we think we need. The reality is that a lot of what we buy only gives us temporary happiness.
Having recently visited Costa Rica, I am impressed that this developing country has such an ecologically conscious attitude. Their commitment to save the rain forest is commendable. From hotel's suggestions not to change sheets and towels daily, to the use of bio-degradable soap, energy efficient light bulbs and environmental libraries- it was refreshing to experience up close how simple it is to make a difference. It is very clear there that it's not just our planet- that we share it with many, many species. Hopefully we can start doing a better job in all areas environmentally. Congratulations to Timberland, the clothing and shoe company based in Stratham,New Hampshire. They are the first US company to put a carbon index on their product labels. We will be seeing more monitoring of carbon imprinting by other companies soon I imagine.