This Saturday October 24th is the Needham High School Craft Fair from 9:30-4:00. In it's 29th year, it is a very well established craft show that is the annual kick off for the holiday shopping season. The show is well attended by some of the best artisans in the Boston area and is so large that it fills two gymnasiums. THE HOLE THING will be there again this year with lots of felted wool goodness in booth #37 in Gym B.


Ladies Who Launch

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If you have started a business or just have an idea for one I highly recommend Ladies Who Launch for putting a little mojo into your plan. If their cutsie name is stopping you don't let it. LWL is a national group with chapters in 36 cities ( plus Canada & Africa) and is growing fast- as is my business after taking their 4 week "incubator workshop".

When I signed up for Ladies Who Launch THE HOLE THING had been on the market for 5 months and I "felt" I was well on my way with a good idea, but the reality was that I was alone with my creations, my celebrations and all my concerns. I won't give away the surprise of all that happens in the workshop but I will say that I quickly bonded with the other women and now we are a wonderful support to each other. Brenda Stanton & Paola Abello, the leaders of the Boston chapter, are terrific. They are both very knowledgeable, warm, smart and supportive.

After completing the workshop you become part of the greater Boston network that holds monthly meetings and on going get-togethers. You are also a member of the national LWL which is a great source for networking & many other opportunities. I can't say enough ! Ladies Who Launch is an excellent way to spread your entrepreneurial wings- even for those of you who aren't quite sure that you have them.