Good Housekeeping's Green House

Good Housekeeping

Last night I went to the opening party for Good Housekeeping's Green House at 151 West 122nd Street. The Green House is a four-story brownstone that is New York's greenest residential home. With interiors designed by Robin Wilson Home it features environmentally-friendly construction because of the type of lumber and cement that was used, but also, guess what the house was insulated with? Denim ! How neat is that? The sustainable home also featured energy efficient everything- from it's solar heating system, appliances, and point of use tankless water heaters, to the environmentally friendly paint used on the walls. But these were really the less interesting details of the home if you ask me. The furnishings were amazing as well. In an effort to use what is already available and not produce something new, many pieces in the house were vintage. THE HOLE THING ® was the featured children's clothing line, as well as gorgeous tiles made of 100% recycled glass, rugs made of recycled nylon ( that can be recycled again), and furniture and linens that were all earth-friendly and wonderful. Robin Wilson Home really proved that eco-friendly is synonymous with beautiful. You can view a video of the house here. The home will also be showcased in Good Housekeeping's Your Good House magazine's November 2008 issue.


Felted Vase of Sunshine

This vase was designed by my niece who is just 10 years old. Isn't it neat? I gave her one of my hole sweaters awhile back. She preferred that it was a vest so we cut the sleeves off. Soon after she called to tell me that she had made a vase out of one of the sleeves. Makes me wonder what she'll be doing later in life. Can't wait to find out.

Available on Etsy.