THE HOLE THING On Daily Grommet

THE HOLE THING is featured above on Daily Grommet. They came to my studio recently to learn more about my felted wool goodies and taped this video clip. THE HOLE THING'S garlands and necklaces and pins are available for purchase at the end of the video, or if you'd like you can go direct to Daily Grommet.


ConsciouslyFrugal said...

You're famous! And a winner! (You won the Jeff Black CD contest I had. Kudos!) And you're GORGEOUS. Super crafty, creative, beautiful and lucky. Not a bad way to be in the world, eh? :) said...

Your sweaters, necklaces, frames, pins, scarves and creations are the bomb!! Beautiful work by a beautiful woman:)

Kass said...

So fun to see YOU and your handiwork!

Anonymous said...

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