Go Green

10 Ways To Make A Difference:

1. Recycle your old cell phone at Green Phone and earn as much as $35.

2. Carry it out when you shop and leave the bag behind.

3. CFL light bulbs use 75% less electricity and last 10 times longer. It's as simple as that.

4. Dust off your bike.

5. 401K: invest in environmentally conscious mutual funds.

6. Go meatless at least 3 times a week.

7. Let your grass grow a little longer. It will have a thicker turf and longer roots so you won't have to water it as much or use as much gas throughout the season to mow it.

8. Keep a chart of how many kilowatts of electricity you use each month. When the bill comes try and beat last months usage. Make it a game.

9. Buy a laptop. It uses much less electricity than a desk top.

10. Keep your car tires filled for better mileage.

11. Okay one more...Buy local, buy in season, support your local farm.


Ravenhill said...

I just found some of your photos on flickr and wanted to let you know how much I like your work with felted sweaters. It is also one of my interests. I applaud your focus and environmental message. Wonderful to read your blog and see others who care about the environment. I hope that you will do very well in selling your beautiful sweaters, slippers, etc.
I was born in Cambridge, Mass by the way and lived there a number of years until my family settled in Maine. I now live across the ocean in Norway. Warm wishes from Emily

The Hatdiva said...

MY electric bill was $35. last month. That's my house and studio! LOL.